A Beautiful Sunny Day

A Beautiful Sunny Day”

By Johnny Searfoss

It’s a beautiful sunny day

I think I’ll go outside and chase

My blues away

Not a cloud up in the sky

It’s just me and my sweet tea

Watching people passing by

When, out the corner of my eye

I see this little guy, go scurry by

Oh my, my

Hey there, Mister Ant, what’s the hurry?

Don’t you know that the buffet

Is open all night, that’s right

Old man winter has gone away

And took his long, dark frozen days

And summer sun is here to stay

Think I’ll go out and play


Now, the only problem is…what to choose?

‘Cause there’s so many fine things to do

But, I know, that there’s one thing that is true

It’s better to share with a friend or two (I think that’s what I’ll do)

Such a beautiful sunny day Oh, my my

All the blues I had are gone away

Oh, not a cloud up in that sky

I hope it stays like this for a long, long time Mmmm

Beautiful sunny day Ah ha

Just beautiful

Hey…there goes Mr. Ant again

Oh, he eats a lot for such a little guy Mmmm

Beautiful, beautiful sunny day Mmmm